Does The QI Team work for local or federal agencies such as DBHDD or DCH in Georgia?

No. The QI Team is a private consulting firm comprised of Certified Healthcare Consultants, Certified Peer Specialist, DAS
(Division on Aging Specialist), Licensed Professional (etc. RN, LPN, Board Certified Physicians, Attorneys)

Where is The QI Team located?

Our corporate office is located in Fayetteville, GA. We also have satellite offices in all 50 states.

How is The QI Team different from other consulting agencies?

The QI Team consultants have more than 20yrs combined experience in working with home health agencies and we only hire certified (ACHC) Accreditation Commission for Health Care Consultants

Can The QI Team help in started a Home Health Agency?

Yes. We can assist you in starting a Non-Medical Home Care/Personal Assistance Service Agency, a State Licensed Home Health Agency, a Non-Emergency Transportation Company, a Transportation Brokerage Agency, a State Licensed & a Medicare Certified
Agency. Setup of Incorporation or LLC, Tax ID, D&B, SAM Registration, NPI Number, Business Plans, and Satellite Offices.

Who can own an Agency?

Anyone over the age of 18 and with no prior industry experience.

What are the qualifications needed to fill the managerial roles within a licensed agency?

If you are only planning to provide non-medical home care then in some states this can be virtually anyone over the age of 18 but in other states, you would need certain prior experience working or helping people with disabilities and some supervisory and training in the healthcare industry and a High School Diploma or equivalent.

If you are planning on providing Skilled Nursing or Licensed & Certified Home Health then you will need an R.N to fill the position of Director of Nurses. An R.N can also be the Administrator but other people with a high school diploma and certain supervisory experience in a healthcare facility can also be the Administrator. You will also need an Alternate Administrator and an Alternate Director of Nurses with the same qualifications as above. Two R.N’s could fill all four managerial roles if that is your choice.

If you are only planning to provide Therapy Services without Skilled Nursing then you can usually be a Licensed Therapist to fill the roles of Administrator and Supervisor. People with a high school diploma and certain supervisory experience in a healthcare facility can also fill the role of Administrator. You will also be required to have an Alternate Administrator and an Alternate Supervisor. Two Licensed Therapist could fill all four managerial roles.

Contact us for more specific information. http://www.THEQITEAM.com

Why hire The QI Team and not do it all myself?

Our experts have compiled our solutions over many years and fine-tuned with feedback from hundreds of agency administrators. It would take you many months/years to create the quality of these materials from scratch. Our solutions have been tried and tested by over 600 agencies worldwide.

Will the Policies & Procedures work for my State?

Our customized versions will be tailored to your State licensing regulations and other applicable state laws. Our templates (only) policies and procedures have been written to a very high standard and we send you the templates with the requirements of a State with the strictest standards. It is much easier to remove a few policies when tailored to your specific State requirements than it is to have certain policies and procedures missing. Our licensed and Certified policies and procedures have been based on the most current Federal Regulations and Medicare conditions of participation + ACHC & CHAP Accreditation Standards.

Explain the Mobile Workforce Solutions?

Security of information with full admin control, whilst allowing your employees to work remotely and saving valuable time.

How much do The QI Team charge?

It depends on the agencies specific needs. Please give us a call for a FREE consultation.

Does The QI Team provide services in other states?

Yes. Our team of certified consultants provide services in all 50 states and have the expertise to assist Medicaid & Medicare Providers agency compliance. We provide in-person, onsite answers and practical recommendations with more affordability than traditional consulting. Other consulting firms charge by the hour and/or by the question. We don’t once you are our
client you will receive 12-months of Real World Consulting Services.

Does The QI Team provide Legal Advice?

We are not attorneys and we do not provide legal advice. We advise you to use the expertise of an attorney licensed to practice law in your state if you are in any way unsure about local legislation that my affect your specific situation.

Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. Pass your State survey with our Customized Materials or your money back. If you have failed your state survey due to our Customized Materials, you will be given a full refund as long as the following conditions are met. For a full refund, we will need a copy of the evidence of your state survey findings.

No Guarantee of Success

The QI Team is committed to helping you to achieve success but we do not guarantee or will not be held liable in any way to the outcome of your business venture or its success. There are many different things that are needed to guarantee your success. This includes but is not limited to your own motivation and ability, which although we can help with actually have no control over.

We may update these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. The latest version of the terms and conditions can be requested by emailing info@theqiteam.com

Local Legislation

Our website and its products provide information, systems and general advice for starting a business in the Home Care & Home Health Industry. Local laws can be interpreted differently by different people and they can also change frequently. The materials that we provide will meet most local legislative requirements with the appropriate user input.

For specific advice about your situation or assistance with your agency startup then use our customized products or our consulting services.

Products & Website Liability

No website, system, product or other material is a substitute for advice from any industry specialist or attorney with the knowledge about your unique situation. The QI Team, LLC, its owner, partners and/or distributors shall not be held liable for inaccuracies, error or omissions or any other legal actions that may arise from the use of our products, materials, systems, contracts or website. For specific advice about your agency situation, use our consulting services or a local attorney.

For more answers to your questions please contact us 833-486-4440 | info@theqiteam.com.